Thursday, October 17

What is the ‘ go home ‘ movie cast in my own box?

Mazda, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz are car brands that are cast in the film “Home to Child” favorites.
Although only supporting roles, dung (Hoang Anh vu) appeared throughout the length of the film. In the “Go Home”, the brave character frequently appears with a white Mazda. Besides his life, Hoang Anh Vu also uses a similar Mazda 3. It is highly likely that the actor carries his car into the film.
The actor Thu Quynh (Vai Lily) also owns a dark red Mazda 3. Mazda 3 is the leading sales model in C-Class vehicle segment in Vietnam. Mazda 3 is currently distributed in 3 versions, cost from 20,000 USD
“Go Home” is the film that marks the return of Quynh Nga after many years of absence. Quynh Nga’s portrayal is quite important as the focal point of the three-handed relationship consisted of letters, arms and elegance. In his life, Quynh Nga owns the Mercedes-Benz C250 Exclusive 2018. Previously, “Crocodile God” used a Lexus LS460 in 2015.