What does the Honda Civic RS 2019 have for speed enthusiasts?


Since appearing in Vietnam in early 2018, the Honda Civic has impressed the modern exterior design. In particular, the 10th generation Civic has been rated as a focus on sports, more than the previous generations.

Size is large enough to bring comfortable space, powerful motors but catch up with technology trends with many modern features…, Honda Civic 2019 appears in Vietnam more and more to increase its characteristics with Vietnamese consumers , especially young customers want to enjoy the feeling of speed.
Continuing to exploit the features available from the previous version, but to the 2019 for this year, Honda has added and perfected over its sporting properties on these models, though not the expensive “Sport” models With a class C vehicle, having the features of the operation, modern equipment has also somewhat brought real different driving emotions, especially on the RS version.

Exterior difference-charismatic at first glance

The Honda Civic 2019 has an iconic design change, with a front-facing front of the design, the wind-up and the fog of lights connected together, creating seamless images right from the start, without the sense of the breakage , short.

Flanks, the appearance of more tendon lines under the door, in collaboration with the front/rear of the car line at the top of the shape for the more muscular, stronger-shaped Civic.
In the rear, the larger wind-water glide wing compared to version 2018 is added to the youthful, sporting of this model. In addition, it is necessary to note the Honda Civic 2019 ‘s column design, this design details extends to the top of the luggage compartment lid, giving the Civic a sporty outline of the powerful fastback models. And in fact, it will be difficult to find a class C car in Vietnam which is the size of the luggage compartment cap is so short.