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Used car

The 3rd-generation BMW 5-Series (E34, manufactured from 1988-1996) after nearly 25 years of use are on sale for a new Honda Winner.

BMW old cars often take heavy prices over time due to the high cost of use, the buyer cocoon. For the higher-age cars, the sale of the vehicle was also a challenge. As a BMW 5-Series after nearly 25 years of use currently on sale for VND 59 million, the price of a new motorcycle.
The BMW 5-Series seller said that the car is old but using automatic gearbox, smooth operation engine, air conditioning also works well. In terms of exterior, seamless external Ko section, however, the paint has few places that are not significant. The leather interior may be a handmade outline. Currently the car is wearing the number of TP. HCM 5 number and new post test is 1 week. Car for sale at VND 59 million. Of course with this selling price the buyer can completely negotiate a reduction of 10-20 million more.

The interior is wrapped in a new skin with a reddish brown color
According to the sales information, this BMW 5-Series belongs to the ‘ 535i ‘ version which uses automatic gearbox. In the original, 535i E34 fitted 6 cylinders with a capacity of 3.5 liters of natural gas, with a maximum capacity of 211 horsepower and a maximum torque of 249 Nm. The power is transmitted down the rear bridge via the 5-level automatic transmission or 5-level floor.
The automatic number version is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km per hour for 9.1 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 231 km per hour. According to BMW, the vehicle has an average consumption of 11.5 liters/100 km with a fuel tank of 80 liters.

BMW 5-Series old life owns the following bridge system, suitable for those who prefer to file “Drift “
Although the launch was quite long, the BMW 5-Series E34 was still equipped with a rear-demand dynamic system. When combined with a powerful engine, this vehicle can still perform beautiful “drift ” displays. Therefore, the car is quite suitable for those who buy the car to practice this subject.
Owning a BMW as high as E34 in addition to the cost of buying a car, the buyer must predict certain costs in order to replace the spare parts for the vehicle.