Thursday, August 22

Trying to drive with tires, what are the consequences?

Over the history of more than 100 years, rubber tires have been attached to the characteristics to be filled with air to work well and operate smoothly. Even on the line of cars, the information about the pressure of tyre is usually present in the manual of the car or on the decal pads glued to the door/pedestal of the car. This means that it is never pumped less or over the standard that the manufacturer recommended.

So if you deliberately use the tires with internal air pressure under the limit or even xfog (similar to puncture situation, tattoos) then what will happen?

The Video below of YouTuber from India will clearly articulate the results of trying to drive on a slightly deflated tire.

In the video, a Maruti Suzuki Esteem is used to illustrate how damage if driving with a cake is punctured. The team was removed from the front of the Esteem. The vehicle was then driven around the roads, and the people inside the car described the experiences they were being directly felt about.
By the end of the video, the Maruti Suzuki Esteem is stopped to check the tire’s condition. As is predicted, it is in a torn and completely unusable state. Although this in fact will not happen often, this experiment shows what can happen to the tires if you deliberately go an extra piece of parachute for the short few hundred meters. Driving a torn tire is also easy to lead to the risk of damaging the whole ring, replacing more expensive than a car tire.
Even if the tires are not punctured but if driving under the recommended air pressure limit, you also risk getting the tires fully explosive. The reason is that when the tires run at a lower air pressure, the side shells of the tires are unnecessary strain which causes them to weaken, reducing the life span.

Current practice on a number of high-class vehicles using Runflat tires, established from 1994 in order to overcome the condition of the vehicle could not continue to move due to a tire puncture. This form of tire is made of a hard and durable rubber, when problems can temporarily carry the weight of the entire vehicle despite the tire pressure down to a low level. It allowed the driver to take an additional distance of at least 80 km to find repairs. However, this tire is usually more expensive than the usual 30 to 40% tire and reduces the comfort of the person sitting in the car.