Thursday, October 17

Toyota Avalon TRD 2020 will be sold for a price from 43,255 USD

The Toyota Avalon TRD is a sports version between Limited and Touring, with a price of 43,255 USD.

The more sporty TRD configuration of the Avalon sedan was announced by Toyota from 2018, at the Los Angeles automobile exhibition. At the time, the Avalon TRD 2020 has not yet been revealed in terms of its sales price because of its planned release, which will come to Toyota’s dealers this year’s fall.

As reported by Cars Direct, Toyota’s recent order guide shows that Avalon TRD 2020 will cost from 43,255 USD, which has included the USD 995 delivery fee, which is more expensive than the USD 43,055 and Touring Price is USD 43,455.

It is interesting that Toyota is also selling a different, sporty-style Avalon that is quite similar to the TRD, which is an XSE for only 39,255 USD.

Of course, the Avalon TRD will still be more attractive thanks to its matte black décor and other aesthetic advantages such as lower-chassis adjustment damper, which provides better handling of the vehicle, and is complemented by an anti-flip bracing bar to increase Body stiffness.

In addition, the Toyota Avalon TRD 2020 is equipped with larger front-panel panels, 12.9 inches in size, accompanied by a new dual-tone brake clamp. The new cat-back exhaust system makes it sound ‘ fun ears ‘. Avalon TRD and Camry TRD will be available at the showroom at the end of next month.