Superimposed Scandal, Tesla continues to cause clients to wrath

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It seems that the “Black string on board” has not yet let tha Tesla when recently a new American electric car was criticized as “old-fashioned” when new customers enjoy free charging incentives, which makes old customers feel betrayed.
Recently the U.S. tram station Tesla has just announced that all new customers buying the Model S and Model X will enjoy an unlimited super fast charging policy and, especially, absolutely free of charge.

As can be seen, Tesla is trying to create a favor policy for the S Model and Model X. However, in terms of revenue, the new Model 3 is the company’s “Ace”. This Tesla’s direction is causing the argument to set a lot of assumptions.
The notice is posted by Tesla on Twitter but does not specify the closing time of the offer. At the same time, the offer applies to all markets installing super fast charging system or not yet disclosed.
Customers seem to be familiar with the incentives programs like this of Tesla, that the airline can end it anytime. However, this time the old customers bought the Model S or Model X again when they felt like they were abandoned.

On Tesla’s official Twitter, many customers have not hid the outrage:

“I bought the Model X a month ago. This is how to treat the customer. The first was the discount and then to the Clown “-Jaspreet Singh, an old Tesla customer tweet.

“I have three Tesla cars, and this is not the first time I have a situation. There were only two months where my car had lost thousands of DOLLARS. Feeling like being used to “-EV Salt, a client responded on the company’s tweet post line.