Thursday, August 22

Rezvani Tank 2020 will officially launch in a few days

Being found in 6 years now, Rezvani Tank 2020 will officially launch in a few days, the attention is pouring on SUV off-road super-tunnel stronger than 1,000 power.

Unlike its predecessor, the Rezvani Tank 2020 will not use the JK-generation-generation Jeep Wrangler Framework, which switches to the newest generation of JL, the 2020 Tank which will be an entirely new developed SUV, which does not retain any parts from the model of life Old.

The latest teaser shot provided a more close-up view of a part of the front of the 2020 Tank, which can be seen with the 2020 Tank that will possess a complex design of the lid, the hint of the powerfull machine is hidden beneath it.

It is known that top Rezvani Tank X version would use the giant V8 6.2 litre Superload engine derived from the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon but was over tuned to give out the terrible power over the 840 Demon’s power figures. Exactly, the Tank X has more than 1,000 power.

The 2020 Tank also promises to be better off the terrain thanks to its newly-developed suspension with Fox Racing, combined with terrain tires. In addition, Rezvani will also provide the Military Edition for the new Tank, which owns the military pulse protection system.

The single delivery of the Rezvani Tank 2020 is expected to take place in the winter this year, the buyer was able to deposit the new Tank with the amount of just $2,500. Detailed information on the price of the 2020 Tank is not yet disclosed but customers can refer to the price of previous generation: Starting from $165,000, Tank X has a price of $259,000 and special edition Tank X Military Edition that is up to $295,000.