Thursday, October 17

Porsche Taycan – Electric sports car will officially process the village at the end of this year

More than a month before the German car carrier launched the full-electric sports car model, Porsche received 30,000 orders and a deposit for Taycan. The above figure shows that Porsche is fully financially capable to pursue production plans of 40,000 cars in the first year. The latest pre-order number was announced by Bloomberg and representatives of Porsche Mr. Andreas Haffner in an interview with German trading journal Handelsblatt.

Porsche initially aimed to produce 20,000 Taycan tram in its first year. But the customer’s interest in this model has driven the German automobile manufacturer to double the production plan to 40,000 vehicles in the first year. The deposit that customers must leave to become the first one who owns Porsche Taycan is 2,500 euros ($2.785).

If the Porsche can produce and then supply 40,000 Taycans in the first year of production, the fully electric sports car that runs entirely by electricity will pass on some models of vehicles with its iconic internal combustion engine such as 718 Boxster and 911. Porsche sold 35,573 911 and 24,750,718 cars globally in 2018.

Taycan is still designed to resemble the popular crossover and SUV models of Porsche such as Cayenne and Macan.

The form of Taycan will also pressure Tesla Model S, a popular luxury tram that has long dominated the niche. In 2018, Tesla delivered 99,394 Model S and X. Model S had some updates since the start of production in 2012, but there have been no significant new ways since April 4, 2016 when the front of the car was changed to look like the Model X.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said early this month that the company does not plan to refresh the Model X or Model S. In automobile, refreshing usually means to modify one or more small details of a model made it different from The annual updates are made by manufacturers. Refreshing is not redesigned, although there will be noticeable changes to the vehicle model. ― “The company will make small continuous changes to luxury electric cars and multi-use sports cars,” Musk said at the time. But even with those ongoing updates, potential customers can still opt for a newer Taycan.

Porsche doesn’t rely on the novelty of its first electric car to drive sales. The company is implementing other incentives, notably planning to offer the three year owners Taycan for free at hundreds of Electrify America public power charging stations across the United States. Electrify America is the unit founded by Volkswagen as part of the agreement with the United States regulatory authority on their diesel emissions fraud scandal.