People’s car games “Clean” the Ford Ranger Wildtrak


Although also distributed in the American market, however Ford Ranger in the United States has no EcoBlue Diesel 2.0 L engine or high performance Ranger Raptor. Starting from the need to possess a sports Ranger of the American population, Hennessey was renowned for launching a comprehensive upgrade package called Velociraptor. Inspired by this edition, a car player from my Tho has invested ‘ cleanup ‘ to the Ford Ranger Biturbo 2.0 L for its appearance and performance closer to Hennessey Velociraptor.
Starting from the appearance, the version was closer to Velociraptor due to the pre-hardened cable rear bumper with a angular design from the Rival brand. Located above the block is a series of intensified lights of Stedi and Rigid, which makes the visibility in the night in places where no street light is no longer an obstacle to the driver.
The set on the hood adds comfort, flexibility to the Ranger when extra baggage is needed, while the dark-coloured and rear-set LED Range Rover choal in the rear of the barrel is a direct reminiscent of the Velociraptor of the US. However, the most important changes of this version are in the ‘ staging ‘ area of the vehicle. For a healthy appearance of offroad vehicles, first the vehicle owner chose the powerful, matte black D100 Fuel Beadlock set, in conjunction with its BF Goodrich KO2 tread.
Located behind the tray, the car suspension has been changed to the Old Man Emu BP51, providing a more precise and honest driving experience in various conditions and the ability to adjust to be more versatile. The original engine of the Ranger 2.0 Biturbo was also lightly upgraded with K&N air purifier, providing a slightly improved operational performance compared to the original vehicle.
Like Hennessey’s Ranger Velociraptor ‘ cool ‘, the vehicle owner did not forget to upgrade the interiors of the edition. Instead of the fleece chairs with a fairly rough surface of the original vehicle, the Ranger was rewrapped in a more advanced leather material. Carbon fibre details such as the steering wheel also make the car’s cabin more sporty in style. As the vehicle owner said, this version has been completed by him for more than 6 months since the purchase of the car.