Thursday, October 17

New Ford GT 2017 643 km, semi-profit revenue 1 million USD

The orange Ford GT 2017 will be auction Sotheby for the next week, hoping to collect about 1.5 million, 3 times the original price.

Ford used to require the new car owner to sign a commitment not to sell the car in at least the first two years. Therefore, over the past two years, no GT has appeared in the old car market.

However, it is now up to the point of commitment to Ford to expire. Some GT car owners are making procedures for hefty transfers.

The first GT to be sold was the 2017 Ford GT, a special orange paint of Beryllium Orange. Only with this paint color, the car owner has to spend 30,000 USD.

In addition to the Beryllium Orange paint, the Ford GT 2017 bids 15-17/8 to front bumper, lateral wind and carbon fiber rear wing. The exterior was covered with scratch-resistant film from its factory.

Only 643 km away, apparently the car owner Ford GT 2017 was intent at the beginning of the car for real new and sold when the commitment 2 years with Ford expired.

This seems to be a wise financial decision. RM Sotheby is expected to collect 1.2-USD 1.5 million for Ford supercars. And so, in just 24 months, the car owner has interest about 1 million USD after deducting all costs.