Thursday, August 22

Mitsubishi Xpander vs Toyota Rush: An eight-man half-weight

Around the second half of last year, the appearance of Mitsubishi Xpander 2019 has led to a 7-seat MPV segment. Xpander is a name that many Vietnamese customers look forward to when the new car landed in the Vietnam market because of the bold and robust design compared to the MPV segment in general, which includes cars that are more capable than designing the design.
With the Fulcrux of Mitsubishi’s best selling sales in the Southeast Asian market, it is easy to understand why Mitsubishi Xpander exceeded the men in the Mitsubishi generation when it received a huge number of pending orders in the car market. Free.

However, it is not easy for Toyota to make all of this “fat pie” for Mitsubishi, after Mitsubishi Xpander then Toyota Rush 2019 and Toyota Avanza 2019 is the second face to represent the all-new car segment, Crossover-MPV in Vietnam.
This is a combined car line with high advantage of the chassis can be suitable for many complex roads such as in Vietnam and capable of carrying 7 very necessary and handy vehicles of the MPV instead of just 5 people as conventional Crossover models.
So Xpander and Rush-the couple thought of being “in the enemy” with their own advantages, which is the name of the name more distinguished and potentially becoming the “king” dominate the 7-seat car segment? The article today will thoroughly compare Mitsubishi Xpander and Toyota Rush both in terms of selling price, design, specifications, equipment and driving experience. The visual parameters will be shared within the article framework to provide the most equal statement of the two car models.

In the sales race from May 9/2018 to January 3/2019, Xpander 2019 seems to dominate the rival with the wheels Rush and Avanza of the Toyota house, namely:

-After six months of selling to the market, sales of Xpander was 4,128, while Rush’s sales were 1,619 vehicles and Avanza was 619 vehicles, with only half of the Xpander. The monthly sales chart shows that most months of cars to customers of Xpander are higher than the opponents.