Mercedes-Benz will process the village “a completely new concept” in Frankfurt


Less than a month the exhibition Frankfurt 2019 will officially kicks off…

Mercedes-Benz has just confirmed with the press that they will show the village “a completely new concept” with many cars that appear publicly for the first time in Frankfurt. In the mysterious concept, the airline does not offer much information in addition to “aiming for the key needs of customers, the sustainable vision of Mercedes and the child brand specializing in electric cars is EQ “.

For the second, the German brand said they included new hybrid charging versions and EQV pure electric sedan with high performance batteries. The information that revolves around EQV seems rather odd when this line of names is associated with the V-Class power run.
The GLB after the pre-introduction will also first appear at an automobile show accompanied by an AMG version, most likely the AMG35 combines the 2.0 L 4-cylinder 301 Hydraulic Booster, 400 Nm torque with dual clutch gearbox 7-level and high-performance bridge 2 bridges.

Mercedes-Benz confirmed the schedule to launch a new hectic car in month 9/2019-Photo 2.
A different brand of Daimler Group is Smart – which is currently in a “dead-life” state, which introduces upgrades for ForTwo and ForFour with minor changes in design and lighting.