Thursday, August 22

Kia Forte/Cerato GT 2020 will be available for sale from USD 22,290

In the midst of the sedan market that is partly overlaid by the encroachment of the SUV/crossover, the All-new Kia Forte GT 2020 is a rather enjoyable car.

Most people claim that the base Forte looks a bit like Kia Stinger but the reality is not so, especially when Forte is only 147 strong in power.

But the GT is different, the more sporty version of the Korean sedan uses a 1.6 litre booster engine that produces 201 horsepower at the 6,000 rpm, and the 264Nm ultra-torque in the range of 1,500-4,500 rpm.

If you choose a dual-level 7 DCT clutch, Kia Forte GT 2020 will cost 22,290 USD, not including 925 USD car delivery fee, lifting total selling price to 23,215 USD, half the price of Stinger GT2. Meanwhile, if you choose number of floor 6 level customers will have to spend 600 USD.

Forte GT is highly appreciated because the standard is well enough, the owner does not need to purchase additional options that already have dual sports exhaust, 18 inch alloy wheels, LED headlights with auto-balancing function , the high beam Assist (HBA) beam support, the smart key with the button boot and flat bottom wheel integrated, the number switch, the backlighting, only the red stitch in the cabin and the carbon fiber dummy engine enclosure.

In terms of design, the exterior of the Kia Forte GT 2020 has been slightly improved, striking the appearance of red accents in a few parts such as grille and wheels.

Overall, Kia Forte GT 2020 is a car that is worth buying than the standard Forte, besides, it is also priced to sell more affordable by the engine of the 2.0 L 228 power booster. However Jetta GLI is not the strongest rival of the new Forte GT, this position belongs to the Honda Civic Si 205 which has a price of 24,300 USD.