Experience the correct car noise protection for new drivers

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Understanding how sound and negative

To be aware of the noise prevention measures in cars must grasp two basic concepts: sound Barrier and acoustic material, sound Absorber.

The sound insulation must ensure the sound-resistance feature passes through it by reflexes or absorbing the majority of the sound that passes through it.

Negative suction material, the sound is briefly the material that reduces the acoustic energy when the sound passes through it.

What items are included in the noise prevention?
Tangent: First is tires. If the hard tire and construction of the large Talon surface, the vehicle owner should think about changing or replacing, since this is the cause of noise during operation. Choose the “Driver loves” soft tires and have a smooth talon texture.

Cover up the protection and sanding for the Roar: This is the stage to help roar with a protective layer of roughness, it will help reduce the “screams” from the chassis and tire cavity

Reinforced ceilings, flooring, doors made of specialized materials for noise prevention: this part is quite sensitive because the market has a wide array of anti-noise materials.

Additional Door noise Protection gasket: This is the solution to limit the noise of the wind cutting through the edge when moving at speeds above 60 km/h (on high speed which is the wind cut through the door slot), reducing the noise generated when the car is twisted on the bow Bad road-This is what we see at the pass. Look at the rear of the edges or the gates of the vehicles or run the roads so we will see this.