Thursday, October 17

Entrepreneur is in play, spending 7.5 million in buy 5 super cars

With a price of 1.5 million per unit, 5 super Cars Fenyr SuperSport Launch Editions are consuming Tetsumi Shinchi entrepreneur 7.5 million.

Information on the newly-shared manufacturer W Motors on Facebook. Accordingly, 5 supercars will be painted in 5 different colors.

The Fenyr SuperSport Launch Editions is equipped with a dual 3.8 L engine, 6 flat cylinders due to Ruf calibration, for 780 horsepower, 959 Nm torque. The power transmitted to the rear gear shaft through a 7-level double-clutch gearbox.

W Motors ‘ super cars are very light weight. Carbon fiber car body, the cockpit is mainly aluminium, Fenyr SuperSport weighs 1,349 kg. Tank 0-96 km/h in 2.8 sec, maximum speed of 400 km/h.

Team 5 Super Car Fenyr SuperSports Launch Editions will join the Super Bike Collection “terrible” by Tetsumi Shinchi entrepreneurs. The most substantial of this collection is the unfinished super-car Devel Sixteen which has a capacity up to 3,000 horsepower.

After finishing, 5 super car Fenyr SuperSport Launch Editions will be on display at the supercar Mega Motor Show exhibition, held in Fukuoka (Japan) year 2021.