Thursday, August 22

Do Americans prefer luxury cars or grass cars?

Research based on the evaluation of new vehicle owners after 90 days of use. They are asked to raise opinions about 90 attributes in 10 different categories including everything from driving sensations to entertainment information systems.
This year’s research shows that the average satisfaction is 823 on a 1,000 scale, slightly increasing compared to the 820 score of last year; But notably, 22 out of 32 brands had an improvement over the year 2018.
The highest ranking car is Porsche with a total of APEAL score of 891. BMW and Genesis ranked second in the position of 868 points, followed by Audi (867 points) and Volvo (863 points).
Ram is the most improved brand and a 26-point increase in 2018, which helps them to claim to be the top-rated popular car brand with the 851 score. Next is Dodge (848 points), MINI (835 points), Volkswagen (829 point) and Ford (828 points).
On the other hand, Mitsubishi last stood with 773 points. Just before Mitsubishi was Buick (800 points) and Subaru (807). The three luxury brands have the lowest score of Infiniti (828), Acura (832) and Jaguar (843 points).
Although the difference in scores between the highest rated vehicle and the lowest rated car of up to 118, the J.D. Power indicates the gap between the luxury and mid-range carriers that narrowed the shortest distance in history. The difference between the two groups was 35 points and the number 3 years ago was 50 points.