Thursday, October 17

Change the car, to name abroad very… Easy

For countries in the world and in the region, old car transfer and sale procedures are made quite easy and compact.

, old or new vehicles can be traded in traditional shops, or online car trading sites. Its procedure is also not cumbersome.

Old-New alike

Interviewed by young people, Ms. Vy Hoang-now lives in the state of California, said from the papermaking and receiving a car that packs only 2-8 hours.

Currently working part-time at CarMax, a car carrier with approximately 190 stores throughout the United States, Ms. Vy said its customers often only have trouble only in the… Select Car.

Ms. Vy explained: “For those who have good credit, they only have difficulty in choosing a car, because there are too many vehicles. Conversely, those who do not have good credit must balance their preferences and ability to pay. “

According to Ms. Vy, usually the car carriers only sell old cars that use from 3 years of return and always have full quality certification. A file to buy a car requires only the buyer to provide a citizen number, work place, home address, permanent residence at that time and income.

Living in Florida, Ms. Thanh Tú also went through the purchase of a car as easy as above. Ms. Tu said that buying a car is usually one-time or installment of 10-30% per month on the total value of the vehicle.

“After you choose the car, the seller will check with the bank to make credit reports, calculating the rate of interest for themselves. The seller and the bank divided the remaining balance into the range of 24-36 months and multiply the interest to calculate monthly payments “-Ms. Tu said.

Each American has its own citizenship code, so all their activities from tax declaration, land purchase, vehicles, electricity… are monitored by the government by the code.

In case of self-purchase of vehicles as personal, the two parties must register documents with the Department of Motor Management or local government.

According to the Just Landed page, when a transfer is made in the U.S., the seller will transfer the certificate of ownership that has been confirmed to the buyer. The buyer must then be delivered back to the release agency and will be issued a new certificate. The seller is also asked to announce the purchase for the sales release office, within about 10 days.

Flexibility in assignment

Not only in the United States, countries in Southeast Asia also have a fairly easy transfer procedure for old vehicles.

Typically, however, the National development plan for less personal means (car-lite), the Singapore government does not advocate the barriers for people to own vehicles by means of many unnecessary procedures.

Instead, all the steps needed to buy a car, whether new or old, and related procedures are publicly transparent by the Singapore government on the One Motoring site.

According to this page, if a person wants to buy or sell the old car, the transfer must be made within the correct 7 days. The means of transfer must make sure there are no backlog issues, such as incomplete installment or road tax debt. All procedures can be done online or at the regulatory authority.

Meanwhile in Thailand, the two trading parties will only take a few hours to close the contract if they are at the same site, or even a few days if they are elsewhere, according to Expatden.

After submission, the inspection will take several days if the car is taken from elsewhere. Next, the buyer is required to come to the authorities to confirm the car status match with the description in the profile. Finally, the buyer is asked to return to get the number and blue Book-Records to store all information relating to the vehicle.