CEO Bugatti: The SUV design is finished, just wait for the green light!

Suv car

Although Bugatti does not have a little opening, it is the first time CEO Stephan Winkelmann personally confirms an information related to this potential audience.

During the latest conversation with Automobile Magazine, CEO Winkelmann officially confirmed that they were finishing the design of the future model SUV. However, the leadership of the French brand as well as VW group has not yet turned green light for this project despite customer feedback is very, very positive.

“The design is done”, he talks about their super-to SUV, “we’ve been wondering what customers are with us and they say they love the car. However, we have not yet taken financial funds to implement the project by the leader has not made the final decision “.

Cause why Bugatti choose SUV or Super Sedan/super high performance cars very clearly, “The demand for buying in this segment is extremely high. Temporarily on the market there are no cars actually presented a high performance crossover line at super-sang level “(Rolls-Royce Cullinan at the level of elegance but performance equals or over Lamborghini Urus).

Partly because battery technology is not yet really ripe, Bugatti decided not to build the car to super high performance (head to Koenigsegg Jesko). Winkelmann also shared that although Galibier Concept (2011) was a successful sedan idea, the time is now different, sedan cannot be faced with crossover in any field and hardly able to sell 600 – 800 cars/year according to their expectations.

In addition to the SUV, the leader of the Bugatti also reveals that the other “capable” project is Chiron SS (SuperSport) with a ambition to touch the threshold of 500 km/h. Their greatest challenge is not to “be able to do or not” but that the investment in the car can be completed And there is no tyre supplier that is sufficiently resistant to that speed.