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The automotive market in Vietnam is having a sudden turn when the latest sales report of VAMA (Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association) shows that the yield consumption of 4/2019 months suddenly dropped 11,287 aircraft compared to the previous 3 months , equivalent to a 35% reduction.

The 21,021 car sales figures of the 4/2019 month are also 1% lower than the same period in 2018. This is quite disappointing because compared to last year, the 2019 car supply is more stable.

Automobile assembled domestic statistics sold was 14,047 PCs, less than 3,863 PCs (reduced 21.5%) Compared to the month 4/2018. Meanwhile, although imported cars last month sold 6,974 PCs, up 3,761 (117%) Over the same period last year, it was reduced to 5,565 aircraft compared to 3/2019.

If the gross sale amount of Hyundai successfully (not collectively reported VAMA) reached 6,176, 4/2019 the whole market month reached 27,197, still less than 11,172 units (reduce 29.1%) than the figure 38,369 of May 3/2019.

The above result is one thing that disappointments the majority of car carriers in VAMA. In the detailed consumption dashboard of 18 VAMA members (owning 23 brands), the past month only has nine positive growth brands and half the commercial vehicles.
Among the “big” in the automotive market in Vietnam, Toyota had a month of sales “drowning”, despite launching many promotions aimed at the domestic assembly products. Toyota Vietnam continued to head the VAMA group with 4,118 sales of the month 4/2019, but reduced to 54% over the month 3/2019 and only “equivalent” last year.

The result of Toyota is said to be disappointing as it has been to Hyundai “beyond the surface”, rising to the top of the Vietnam automobile market in 4/2019 with 6,176 vehicles. Another “Captain” in the village is that the Marine is also the same as 1% growth rate.