Thursday, August 22

BMW brings coupe M8 Competition as the MotoGP league lead

Although a famous motorcycle brand and now has a Superbike S1000RR ‘ wind-Rain ‘ in the segment, BMW does not participate in the world-leading MotoGP motorcycle race as the manufacturer of a racing car. In the past 20 years, however, the German vehicle was still marked at the race as the ‘ F1 of the 2 Wheeler ‘ World under the role of a Safety car coordinator. And the newest model of choice for this role is the sports-class coupe of the BMW M8 Competition.
Officially known as the M8 MotoGP Safety Car, the lead version has made quite a lot of major changes compared to the commercially available M8 Competition. In addition to the most recognizable point as a prominent decorative car body and a flash signal on the hood, the M8 MotoGP Safety Car also has a range of new aerodynamic details such as the wind fins on the front bumper and the large rear wing. These aerodynamic enhancements are inspired by the version of the GTE M8 race car.
Just like the professional racing cars, inside the M8 MotoGP Safety Car Cabin is equipped with a roll cage and Recaro seat pair. To cater for race coordination, flash control switches and other specialized equipment. Located underneath the cover of the topology, the vehicle continues to share the dynamic system with the M8 Competition usually with the dual-voltage V8 engine 4.4 L for the 625 horsepower, leading the power to the rear bridge via the 8-level automatic gearbox.
As the fastest model in the BMW Safety Car series, the M8 MotoGP Safety Car is capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h for only 3.2 seconds. Only appearing in bad weather conditions or having accidents on the track, the role of the M8 MotoGP Safety Car is to take the delegation to coordinate and speed limits at a safety threshold. Because racing motorcycles need to be active at a minimum speed condition, the Safety Car itself such as the M8 must quickly reach and maintain high speeds.