Thursday, August 22

Audi’s next A4 will be built on the Volkswagen’s MQB platform

Titled Code is B9, Audi’s A4 current generation has begun ‘ aged ‘, German car carriers know that they need soon launched the B10 generation for the A4 to compete in time with rivals from BMW and Mercedes-Benz (3 Series and C-Class).

Audi’s next A4 will be built on the Volkswagen’s MQB platform
Produced from 2015, up to now, Audi A4-both sedan 4 door and 5 wagon doors are sold very well. Step into the next generation, A4 will probably be adjusted for even more reasonable prices (because Audi is part of the Volkswagen-German group which always tends to optimize production costs aimed at reducing the sale price for the car model).

A few rumors say that the next Audi A4 will be built on the MQB foundation of the Volkswagen parent company, if this is real, it will help Audi save more than $1 billion in the production of the new Generation A4.

However, if switching using the MLB platform, the structure on the Audi A4 will have to be changed according to, in particular, the vehicle and drive layout. In addition, the MLB chassis allows for the weight of the vehicle to drop down by reducing the thickness of the texture while maintaining its overall stability, which can also be an advantage for the A4.

The company waits for more accurate information from the German brand. Meanwhile, we can refer to the current price of Audi A4 in the U.S., the most basic version is Titanium with 40 TFSI booster 4 cylinders, cost from $39,200. Both rival 3 Series and C-Class are more expensive, $40,750 and $41,400 respectively.

Projected, Audi’s A4 generation B10 will be launched in the year 2022 or as late as 2023.