Friday, September 20

After a series of cars, BMW calls the seven Series in its death window?

When BMW died 3-Series Gran Turismo, not surprisingly, as this model was gradually forgotten. But the “Nam Cao Window” that BMW recently revealed has made no less confusion, especially the question of whether there is a 7-Series standard that is waking up to the public.
According to information from Automobile Magazine, the German car company BMW is intent on removing some of the convertible car models from the product portfolio, including: 2 Series, 8 Series, and new generation Z4 model recently launched. However, these models will not be executed one-way early, but the airline will not produce new generation after the current product lifecycle finishes.

Even the Model 8 Series Coupe was also highly capable of being developed, with the 8 Series Gran Coupe being retained.

The reason for this decision of the series is the result of the number of vehicles that have slow sales. For example, two Convertible Series are struggling to compete in the segment, even with the brother of the same house Z4.
The Standard Model 7 Series is said to be also at risk of being eliminated from the BMW product catalogue. This is not surprising because the current sales of this line are mainly from the extended base shaft. This version is not even sold in the US, one of the largest automotive markets in the world and also the country is very popular sedan. In addition, “Death note” includes 6 Series Gran Turismo and X2. This is a surprise since X2 belongs to the highly-developed multipurpose vehicle segment. This model is also used by customers in key markets such as the United States and China to receive a warm welcome.
While the “generations of men” are in danger of standing in front of the death order, BMW is developing a new luxury SUV model called X8. This new model was developed from X7 with a higher performance drive. Similar to other brothers, X8 will have a high-performance X8 M and also the plug-in hybrid version. Hence, it is likely that the car models are on risk of death to extend the way for some recruits, including X8.